Food Films + Kitchen Table Talks 6-9pm Tue 20 March Appleton Tower EH8 9LE

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Edinburgh Climate Festival 2018 ad

We are delighted to invite you to the Edinburgh Climate Festival 2018, which we are co-organising together with ELREC and other community organisations. This year the Edinburgh Climate Festival is centred on #PassitOnWeek. This family friendly festivity aims at bringing diverse communities together around the theme of the environment, food growing, active travel, energy efficiency, and waste reduction, with lots of fun activites like herbal sleep pillow workshops, bouncy castle, inspirational films, live music and free food.


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We at Transition Edinburgh are proud to have launched in September 2017 our latest initiative:

“Pathways to Zero Carbon Edinburgh”. This initiative is the start for wider prsquare3ojects/ activities in collaboration with different local organisations – together we are aiming to reach the objective of reaching zero emissions in Edinburgh by 2040.

You can find more detailed information at Zero Carbon Edinburgh.

September Survey results

Over the past year Transition Edinburgh has hosted  community engagement events where we shared ideas on ways to achieve a low carbon, resilient capital city. 300 people came up with plenty of ideas. More than 70 participants ranked these ideas and priorities in TE Survey results September 2017.

Summary of 2016-17 Conversations & Locality improvement Plans events can be found in TE Conversations + LIP 2017 – Summary

“Zero Carbon Britain” course

Reem Alkayyem, Katharina Bouchaar, and Johanna Carrie from Transition Edinburgh attended the 2017 “Zero Carbon Britain” course at the independent Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth, Wales.
The course introduced the changes needed in order to achieve a 100% renewable energy-driven Britain with current technologies. This mainly requires improvements in the buildings, land use, energy, and transport sectors.
Inspired by the course, Transition Edinburgh team is developing initiatives and projects to be launched next September.


Beanies for babies
Johanna Carrie represented Transition Edinburgh in supporting “Friends of the Earth”  and anti fracking groups outside Parliament on Thursday May 25th.  Some supportive MSPs came to talk to us. About 100 people signed petition postcards.  The beanies for babies is linked to the protest, as tinies will be the most vulnerable if fracking chemicals contaminate drinking water.  The baby hats will be donated to a Falkirk hospital.