NOVEMBER 2016 issue

Hi there,

Firstly, huge congratulations to Rob Hopkins for being awarded
a  Doctor honoris Causas  in Belgium – see the full story below.

If you get this in time, Bridgend is holding a Bonfire Night on Sun
6th.  There is the 3rd Edinburgh Conversation at Farmilehead
Church and Nourish is holding a Food Sovereignty event.
I hope you enjoy the articles this month – Joy.

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Transition Edinburgh newsletter group:
Joy Stockley

Transition News & Events

Transition Edinburgh 3rd ‘Edinburgh Conversation’ – LOCAL ENERGY
[Transition Edinburgh]

Date: Wed, 16 Nov
Time: 13.30 – 16.30
Location: Farmilehead Church, 1a Frogston Rd West. EH10 7AA
Price: Free – but please register on Eventbrite

Talk / Discussion: Keynote Speakers: Bill Elliott + Rachel Picken from Scottish Water. Supporting Speakers: Angus Murdoch, about the Millerhill Waste to Energy facility in Midlothian and Dr. Anne Schiffer, FoES, Community Energy campaigner. Focus of the event is raising awareness and laying foundations for low carbon Edinburgh. Get involved in local initiatives, share experiences and practical solutions etc.
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Docteur Who? A Dazzling day in Namur, Belgium
[Rob Hopkins, Transition Network]

 The Producers of the film ‘Demain’ and Rob Hopkins have been awarded Doctor honoris Causas, by Namur University. ‘Demain’ has been a phenomenon in Belgium, being seen by many hundreds of thousands of people – appealing to a very mainstream audience. Listen to his fab speech….. This is an interesting time to be talking about Transition in Belgium as a collapse of a handful of large companies in the previous weeks had led to about 25,000 jobs being lost. In an interview with the economics paper L’Echo Rob said that a more resilient model would be to seek to replace that with 2,500 new businesses employing 10 people each, rather than 10 employing 2,500. The article led with the headline: “The era of large employers is drawing to a close.”
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Leonardo Dicaprio’s film: ‘Before the Flood’ – A Review
[Rob Hopkins, Transition Network]

 A film about Climate Change that within the first 2 days of its release was viewed 3.5 million times, is surely one to welcome. Sadly the film would have us believe that we can have our cake and eat it. We can’t. Missing is the kind of inner journey the lifestyles of the rich and famous need to go on for a more equitable, just, and sustainable world. DiCaprio’s reluctance to share his own honest, painful, rich journey with us is such a pity. Still, this has been made available free online, so watch it and decide for yourself.
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Amatrice Regeneration – rebuilding Resilience after the Central Italy Earthquake
[Deborah Rim Moiso (Transition in Italy)]

 A project called Amatrice 2.0 has developed to support local communities with Transition and Permaculture tools and approaches. To support communities, peoplecare, earthcare, fair share and resilience building, volunteers have been travelling on weekend learning journeys to Amatrice to listen and talk directly to people there. Strong links have been formed with local farmers. Conversations have led to a mobilisation to provide farms with hay and straw for the winter months. This was a pressing urgency which Amatrice 2.0 is contributing to alleviate.
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Celebrating the life of Dr. David Fleming
[Rob Hopkins, Transition Network]

 Already a key influence on the Transition movement, Green Party, New Economics Foundation and Soil Association, Fleming’s legacy is only set to grow with the posthumous publication of his astonishing masterpiece, Lean Logic: A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive It). Building on the tradition of E.F. Schumacher, his entertaining vision of a post-growth economy built on the play, humour, rootedness and reciprocal obligations of a rich culture has long inspired optimism and action. Rob Hopkins and Shaun will share insights and anecdotes on his life, influence and enduring importance.
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The Meaning of Brexit? It’s the Movement
[Jay Tompt, Transition Network]

 “We can’t continue working as we have done over the last decade and expect a different result, can we?” asks Jay Tompt. He says we need more practical action, preferably together and in more joined up ways. This means busting out of professional silos and cultural bubbles to explore adjacent possibilities. The first possibility is to build an aligned and joined up movement comprising those working to create alternatives to neoliberal economics at all scales, increase access to land, grow sustainable agriculture, build affordable housing, generate green and clear energy, mobilise community-led development, build local resilience. This is beginning to happen already, which is cause for optimism.
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Events From Other Groups – Food

The next steps for Food Sovereignty in Scotland – 10 days after a momentus European Food Sovereignty forum, what are the next steps to improve our food system in Scotland?

Date: Thu, 10 Nov
Time: 18.45 – 21.00
Location: Serenity Cafe, 8 Jackson’s Entry, Edinburgh EH8 8PJ
Price: Donation – book at Eventbrite

Food Sovereignty Talk / Discussion: On 26-30 October Romania hosted the second-ever European Forum for Food Sovereignty, aka Nyéléni Europe. Over 500 people from 30+ countries attended, representing all parts of the food system. Nourish coordinated a delegation of seven passionate food activists, researchers, and growers who represented the Scottish food movement at the Forum. As you can imagine, it was an incredible opportunity for us to learn from people from all across Europe who also work to reform our food system. Join us, shortly upon their return, to hear about their experiences at the Forum and use that momentum to discuss the next steps we must take to make the case for Food Sovereignty in Scotland. Book your ticket.
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Weekly Drop-in Activities – Bridgend
[Bridgend Inspiring Growth (BIG)]

  Our Wednesday and Sunday drop-in sessions (from 11 till 3pm) continue on as usual. Work recently has involved developing a new path and fence around the wildlife area, building an outdoor shelter, and working on the surrounding stone-wall. Do feel free to come and get involved and drop-in and join us any Wednesday or Sunday. Hope to see you soon! – The BIG committee. Also: Community Fund – Please vote to support us! Please help us raise more funds for the weekly drop-in sessions by sparing 5 minutes. We are part of the ‘Aviva Community Fund’ competition where you can vote on projects you think are worthy of receiving their funds. You have to register at their website, and then have up to 10 votes you can use. Here is the link of where to go to vote and to register:
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‘Living is More Important than Surviving’ – thoughts from the children……

 Nourish was commissioned by the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland to listen to what children think about food insecurity. This was prompted by both the rapid increase of household food insecurity across the country and the absence of children’s voices in discussions about the causes and solutions. We found children as young as five having a nuanced understanding of food insecurity and that those interviewed were clear that the primary reason for a lack of access to nutritious and appropriate food is a lack of money: “If you can make the [price of] veggies and the good things you’re meant to eat lower, then people can know that they can buy them…”
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Kunekine pigs and Babydoll sheep are sustainable helpers at Yealands Winery
[29 Oct – Mother Nature Network]

 Miniature animals mow between the vines while solar and bales of pruned vines create energy to run this New Zealand winery. “Think boldly. Tread lightly. And never say it can’t be done,” is the motto of Peter Yealands, the owner of the 8-year-old winery that was Carbonzero certified from its inception. Yealands is determined to be the most sustainable wine producer; he believes sustainability has no end point. But he’s also determined to make quality wines. From everything I saw and tasted in my time in New Zealand, he’s accomplishing both goals.
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Other Exciting Events

Bonfire Night at Bridgend Farmhouse (Sun, 6 Nov)
[Bridgend Inspiring Growth (BIG)]

Date: Sun, 6 Nov
Time: 19.30 – 21.30
Location: Bridgend Farmhouse, 41 Old Dalkeith Rd, Edinburgh EH16 4TE
Price: Free

Bonfire Night: HI everyone, With the nights drawing in, and Autumn in full swing, we’d like to invite you along to a good old fashioned Bonfire Night at Bridgend Farmhouse on Sunday. We hope some of you will come and huddle round the fire together with us.
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Job-Creating Bags Will Reuse Life Jackets and Boats of Refugee Crisis
[28 Oct – Treehugger]

  After volunteering to help refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos — one of the first stopping points on the migrants’ treacherous journey — two Dutch designers are stepping up to help meet the challenge of what happens next? . Didi Aaslund and Floor Nagler of No Mad Makers are launching a project they call Bag2Work, which aims to employ resettled refugees in making sturdy rucksacks made from the materials recycled from boats and lifejackets used during the migrants’ dangerous crossing across the sea. To help divert excessive amounts of discarded plastic and rubber from landfill, the designers worked with the migrants to create the distinctive angular bags. Best of all – they were made in a very low tech way and produced a durable, waterproof bag that’s sure to protect everything that’s put in it.
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At just $5, this Solar Lamp is the most affordable in the world
[31 Oct – Treehugger]

 Earlier this month, Yingli Europe, a subsidiary of Yingli Solar, announced that through a partnership with an international charity that combats poverty and climate change, SolarAid, it has developed “the world’s most affordable quality solar light,” which has an end cost to buyers in Africa of just $5. The SM100 retails for £10 in the UK, where sales of the solar light will help to underwrite the distribution of two more SM100 lights in Africa for each one sold in the UK. What’s the big deal about 5 hours of solar lighting each day? Well, when you factor in the reduced risk of eye ailments and respiratory illness from kerosene lamps (which lead to the deaths of some four million people each year), and then add in the extra income (and study time) from an extension of the hours of productivity, and the added community benefits of clean lighting, along with a number of other indirect benefits, it can end up being a key tool for reducing poverty. Learn more about how you can help fund solar lights for the developing world at SolarAid.
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Wind-powered device can produce 11 gallons per day of Clean Drinking Water from the Air
[10 Oct – Treehugger]

 The WaterSeer is a relatively simple device, designed to be operated without an external power input, and without the need for costly chemicals or maintenance, that can ‘pull’ moisture from thin air and condense it into water using the temperature difference between the above-ground turbine and the collection chamber installed six feet underground. The potable water can then be delivered to the surface for use via a simple pump and hose, and the device is said to be able to produce up to 11 gallons per day, even in arid regions.
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Lightweight folding e-bike can charge itself while you ride it, for “unlimited” range
[28 Oct – Treehugger]

  The VELLO BIKE+ weighs 26 lb, folds up to the size of a suitcase, and includes regenerative technology that recharges the battery while riding. You gotta love the rush to innovation in the electric bicycle sector, as it seems to be bringing us lighter e-bikes with more features each week, and this latest entry into the e-bike market comes from folding bike maker VELLO, accompanied by a bold promise. The company claims its new VELLO BIKE+ with self-charging technology “allows up to 100% recharging while riding the bike,” which basically means it’s an e-bike with a virtually unlimited range, and at a price of less than US$1800 (early bird price).
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