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Transition Edinburgh Pentlands

If we use less oil and other fossil fuels, we save ourselves money. It’s just good housekeeping, but we also help our national economy and reduce the threat of dangerous climate change.

In Transition Edinburgh Pentlands we believe we can do all this while making life more enjoyable and satisfying.

We have been busy in 2010 raising awareness of the advantages of a lifestyle adapted to a future when energy will be much more expensive.

Energy use and conservation is, predictably, one of our main interests. Transition Edinburgh Pentlands urges everyone to check their home insulation, and to take advantage of  improvement  grants and subsidies available.  Better insulation really does save money on heating bills. If your home is properly insulated, snow can last on your  roof, un-melted, for days!

We are now investigating the possibility of discounts for group orders of solar hot water panels.  Solar panels could provide between a quarter and a third of your hot water. Although capital investment is required, grants and incentives make this another win/win option.

Our group campaigns for food to be grown locally and has links with the Royal Edinburgh Community Garden. Volunteers gain fresh, healthy local fruit and vegetables (with no food miles clocked up) and it all results from shared work, not the money in your purse or pocket!

Last, but not least, people are having fun and making friends while working on Transition projects. Why not join us? Transition Edinburgh Pentlands meets monthly in Pentland Community Centre, Oxgangs Brae.

Watch for notice of our meetings  in Oxgangs Library and Morrison’s and on the events list to the right.

Local contact: or 445 2575